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25th April 2017
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25th April 2017
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Bornefonden: 20 Years Of Change

A non-profit charity film for Bornefonden works in west Africa developing local communities and giving children a childhood in order to build lasting change.

A spiral of change and progress starts, when the cycle of everyday hardship for a little boy, is interrupted by a single new element: A water-well.

Made by Team Generous; an annual get-together and experiment where animators in Denmark meet and spend two intense weeks together making a non-profit film for an NGO, from scratch. This year mainly comprised of former The Animation Workshop (DK) and Gobelins (FR) students.


Anna Weiss Madsen: Producer

Anne Vraaby: Social Media

Charlotte De La Gournerie

Emil Villumsen: Social Media

Frederik Villumsen: Exec producer @Nørlum

Nicole Terte Andersen: Social Media

Rikke Braderup: Production coordinator


Adrian Walt: Lead compositing

Bo Juhl Nielsen: Story, Editing

Camilla Gunborg Pedersen: Animation

Mister Crisp: Story, compositing

Frederik Storm: Character design

Guillaume Dousse: Backgrounds, lead art direction, compositing

Kenneth Ladekjaer: Story, storyboarding, animation

Mikkel Mainz Elkjær: Story, animation

Mikkel Okholm: Story

Simon Lee Bresling: Backgrounds, art direction

Thibaud Petitpas: Lead animation, animation

Tobias Gundorff Boesen: Direction, script, animation, compositing

See more at Bornefonden and Team Generous

Behind The Scenes