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MA Animation Application Portfolio 2017

David Crisp


Personal Details

  • Name: David Charles Crisp


David Charles Crisp

+45 5146 0550

Personal Statement:

My name is David Crisp, I am an Englishman living and working as a writer, director and CG artist in Viborg, Denmark. I moved to Denmark in 2009 with the dream of studying animation and in January of 2015, I graduated from The Animation Workshop as a Computer Graphic Artist. I wrote and co-directed my graduation film “Roommate Wanted - Dead or Alive” which has gone on to be screened at various festivals around the globe (Cinanima, Monstra, BIAF, Glastonbury; to name but a few) and also won several prizes at the CG Student Awards.

My passion for animation has only strengthened since then, as in my final months of study I started an animation studio called Monkey Tennis, with some classmates. We primarily produced 3D animated content for television and the web, with an emphasis on exciting characters and engaging storytelling.

I parted ways with Monkey Tennis in March of 2017 to pursue some personal ambitions and career goals. I would like to focus more onto some of my own ideas for content that are less commercially minded, I have been developing an assorted array of concepts for a variety of different mediums and platforms, and am hoping to realize some of them over the next two years, and beyond. I have been educated with a heavy focus on CG, and that has also been key to my revenue stream through freelance opportunities as well as with Monkey Tennis. I am very comfortable working in a CG pipeline, but I would like to move away from this area and concentrate more on the storytelling and let that inform the technique; experiment a little more with what can be achieved by combining the knowledge I have gained through education and my professional career, with a different approach to the craft.

I am a highly motivated, passionate, and driven individual with a track record of delivering high quality and creative results throughout a film and animation pipeline, as an individual and as part of a team.

Current Work:

I have just completed the Animation Sans Frontieres course, which is where I first experienced Budapest and MOME. I was captivated by the city, the people, and the school and began to make enquiries about the MA course during this time.

I am currently working as a freelance writer, director, character designer, compositor, and artist. I am also writing and developing several projects for short film, TV, the web, children's books, as well as a weekly vlog. for more information, please visit

Writer & Director Filmography:

"Smugspiser" & "Fisker" - Nørregade
Writer, Animation Director, Artist

"Viktor" - Viborg Kommune
Writer, Director, Artist

"Alan's Apartment" - Monkey Tennis
TV Series
Writer, Artist

"20 Years Of Change" - Børnefonden
Short Film
Writer, Artist

"Groundwater" - Viborg Kommune
Writer, Artist

“Roommate Wanted - Dead or Alive”
Short Film
Writer, Co-Director (with Lærke Kromann), Artist

"Wefare Technology" - Viborg Kommune
Writer, Director, Artist

"Diamond Lung" - Sweat Panther Sweat Sweat
Music Video
Writer, Director, Camera Operator

"Carry The Fire" - Three Kings High
Music Video
Writer, Director, Character Designer

Relevant Previous Work:

2014 - 2017: Co-Founder / Writer / Director / Production Manager “Monkey Tennis Animation Studio ApS”
2014 - 2015: CG Artist / Generalist Hydralab, Copenhagen
2010 - 2015: Student The Animation Workshop
2013: Voice Actor Animated Commercials & Games for,, Moped Games
2013: Production Manager / Character Designer / Artist Animated Commercial for Roskilde Festival
2012: Writer / Director / Editor / Compositor Music Video for S.P.S.S
2011: Writer / Director / Character Designer / Editor Music Video for Three Kings High
2010: Graphic Designer Danish Crown
2009: Graphic Designer / Illustrator The Royal Shakespeare Company & Dusthouse for various projects
2008 - 2009: Graphic Designer Forever Living Products
2005 - 2008: Graphic Designer Freelance

MOME MA Animation Application 2017

David Crisp Portfolio Reel


Date of Making:
2017 (with projects from 2013 - 2016)

2D & 3D CG Animation

A selection of work i have been a major part of over the last 4 years, while studying at The Animation Workshop and through my animation studio at the time, Monkey Tennis.

Co-Worker Roles:
Various (TAW Classmates, Monkey Tennis, Team Generous)

Applicant Roles:
Writer, Director, Co-director, Character Designer, CG Generalist (My roles are outlined for each project in the video)


Graduation Film from The Animation Workshop

Roommate Wanted: Dead or Alive


Date of Making:

Hand Built Sets with CG Characters & Animation

A struggling medical student gets way more than he bargained for when his new roommate moves in. Can they find a way to share their living space… when one of them is a zombie!?

Co-Worker Roles:
Lærke Kromann: Co-Director, Writer
Jane Langkilde Madsen: Art Director, Set Supervisor, Animator
Lea Bøje: Animator, Animation Production Manager, Storyboard Artist
Anne Moth Larsen: Animation Lead, Storyboard Artist
Henning Sanden: Pipeline Manager, GC-supervisor, Modelling Lead
Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen: Technical Art Director, Character TD
Dorte Flensted Jensen: Design Lead
Jonas B. Mikkelsen: Animation
Matthias Winum: Music

Applicant Roles:
Writer, Co-director, Character Designer, CG Generalist


Monkey Tennis - Alan's Apartment

Alan's Apartment

Various (15 - 40 Seconds)

Date of Making:

CG Animation

Imagine if all the objects you interacted with on a daily basis had thoughts and feelings. What would life be like from their point of view? How would they react to being used? Are they enjoying their job or do they feel trapped and imprisoned? In Alan’s Apartment, we give these objects a voice and the freedom to express what they truly think about their designated roles, and what the life of an inanimate object is really like.

Co-Worker Roles:
Mikkel Okholm: Director, Writer, Artist
Frederik Storm: Art Director, Artist
Camila Pedersen: Animation Lead
Karsten Hoop: Animator
Jane Langkilde Madsen: Animator
Kat Gusarova: Animator

Applicant Roles:
Writer, Artist, Voice Actor

Cartoon Forum Pitch

This is a recording of the Monkey Tennis team and I pitching our show in development "Alan's Apartment" at Cartoon Forum in 2015.

I'm wearing orange!


Ideas & Projects in Development

Below is a collection of projects, pitches and ideas that I have been developing, and would like to continue to develop in the future. These projects range from the ideas stage, through to early development and, in some cases, up to and including very early look development. I include these projects as hopefully, they will illustrate my strong desire to work in a diverse array of mediums and develop my skills in a wide variety of techniques in animation and the accompanying fields.




I developed Kenny Costumes over the course of the ASF modules and pitched it in Paris for a panel of industry professionals.

Kenny Costumes is a 2D animated, action-adventure, comedy TV series, for 6-10-year-olds. The transmedia project encompasses ideas for interactive media that span the web, games, print, and merchandising.


A hard working single father disguises himself in a variety of fancy-dress costumes and travels back in time to work numerous jobs throughout history, in order to raise his newly adopted children.



The show is, at its core, about work ethic, what that means to people, and the reasons behind why work is necessary. Historically, the workplace has meant very different things to different people, and the show takes place over many different time periods to represent this.

Kenny is a hard working, young single father, trying to hold down numerous jobs to provide for his new family. However; Kenny is a prehistoric reptile. A compulsive fancy dresser, and a time travelling workaholic.

But of course, he is not alone on his journey. He has two adopted children… who happen to be time travelling crash landed aliens. They can only say two words in human; Cold and Hungry. And so they are named Cold and Hungry. A not so subtle reminder of why Kenny does what he does.

The Fancy Dress Shop now exists where Kenny's swamp used to be and is now run by a blind, old, Chinese lady called Nana Bungle and her guide dog, Diamond. They provide costumes for Kenny to work his multiple jobs across time and culture.

Diamond is Kenny’s best friend and business partner, and as Kenny and the Fancy Dress Shop move through different periods of history he helps Kenny disguise himself in a variety of crazy costumes to be able to effectively work an assortment of jobs to provide for his new family, all while trying not to get fired by the boss of all bosses, Mr Big Cheese.

Below is a test from early development that was used for a pitch, to give the audience a taste of how I imagine the humour and the mood of the show to be, and how I want the viewer to feel.



Nana Bungle is blind, Diamond is her guide dog. She is also unaware of their time travelling nature.

Cold & Hungry’s spaceship is called “The Partnership”. It is this crash landed ship that makes time travel possible in the swamp & costume shop. Across the series, Kenny is trying to collect parts that he can use to repair the damaged ship.

Diamond has a special power, he often gets a “fizzy feeling” and can turn into a solid diamond (this is due to the Partnership’s crash landing in Kenny’s swamp) which can both be good and bad for Kenny and family!

All items taken with them when the swamp & costume shop time travels will age appropriately according to the length of time passed until the next location, so food and clothing will age and disintegrate faster than metal.



Why is Kenny Costumes relevant in this day and age? Why is a children's show about work ethic so important?

It is all to do with the attitude towards employment, and this starts at a young age. Children that are at school at the moment are studying and training for jobs that don’t even exist yet. But Kenny Costumes can teach them about the hilarious jobs they didn’t know existed from history so they can better prepare for the future. So it’s important to me that in the show, Kenny eventually finds enjoyment and job satisfaction everywhere he works. This will show children that you don’t have to be a rock star or an Instagram celebrity to succeed and be happy, even in the most mundane-sounding of professions.

The show must be able to represent all the different emotions an employee might experience over the course of their career. Kenny, however, will encounter some, if not all of these emotions in one work day, every day! I believe the elastic 2D animation style and absurd joke construction, reminiscent of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and more recently John K, is best suited for this.



There are a wealth of extreme and entertaining employment possibilities for Kenny across these different cultures and throughout history, for example; A Bicycle Fisherman in The Netherlands in the 60s, A Leech Gatherer in 18th Century France, A Food Taster to Roman Emperor Claudius in 54 AD Rome, Collecting Honey from the cliffsides of Spain, 8,000 Years BC. A Chimney Sweep's Apprentice,

Kenny could find himself in Tokyo, in 2010. Working at the train station in a “passenger arrangement” capacity (it’s really called that!) in which he forces and squeezes commuters onto a train. Like all of Kenny’s jobs, this is a real job that existed, and some people even do it today.

Kenny travels to 1950’s America where he is hired as an odour tester, sniffing people's armpits to judge the effectiveness of deodorant on sweaty men and women!? Again, a very real job.




Amos is blue. He was born blue and brought up in a small town, where he has been the victim of targeted racism, ridicule and discrimination for as long as he can remember. He cannot get a job and there are no rules or regulations in place for a person in his unique situation. In this potentially damaging age of social media, Amos starts a video blog to air his feelings and combat the online bullying and the stigma attached to his unusual appearance and finds that internet's reaction is a mixed blessing.


"I am Blue" is a short film idea in the very early stages of development about a teenage boy with a completely blue face. The film will be a mixture of live-action and animation, with an oversized 3D head tracked and composited onto the plates. The film will be written and structured as a darkly humorous documentary. I want to focus on the plights and hardships of a young man struggling with being different in today's society and dealing with the biased media coverage of immigration and cultural misinformation. I see it as a cautionary tale and a social commentary, with a powerful and relevant message, delivered in an easy to digest format.


Length: 7 - 12 minutes

Demographic: Young Adult

Genre: Black Comedy / Documentary

Treatment: Live Action & 3D Computer Animation

Format: HD

Status: In Development




Mrs Bijou the Kangaroo and her family run a friendly convenience store in the small town of Safari Parkway called "The Zoopermarket". Mrs Bijou has all sorts of different animal customers who want to buy all sorts of funny things, and no matter how silly it is, you can always find what you're looking for at "The Zoopermarket", eventually!


"The Zoopermarket" is a cross-media concept designed around an animated show for television and the web to help young children of 2-3 years old with reading, writing & mathematics, as well as teaching them about relationships, being friendly, and the social skills that will be necessary when starting nursery and school. Learning through funny situations and playing games.

While The Zoopermarket is not intended to be a directly educational show, there will be an accompanying selection of apps and games that can teach kids about the real life animal counterparts, what they eat, where they live & their environment, and of course, how much they poop!?

The idea is to have a second screen app, on a phone or tablet that children can play along with as they watch the show or go to it afterwards and learn about the animals in a certain episode. They can build and decorate their own shop and sell their own things for "Zoo Dollars" to an online community. They can share photos of their pets or drawings and play learning games with the animals directly that will teach them basic mathematics, reading & writing and social skills.


The Zoopermarket is an animal supermarket inside a mall. It is the catalyst for the characters to meet each other in each episode and will be where the show starts and ends. The Zoopermarket is located in a shopping centre that consists of other shops, restaurants & cafes and entertainment venues. The show will focus on a narrative structure and poetic writing style that will unite each episode regardless of who the main character of the story is in that episode, that way, The Zoopermarket becomes more of a place to have characters enter with storylines of their own.


The Monkey Brothers are going on holiday to the Bananahamas and they don’t know what to pack, they end up packing lots of bananas from The Zoopermarket even though they’re going to where the best bananas are!

Some of the animals are playing hide and seek in The Zoopermarket but the Chameleon gets lost because he’s too good at hiding!

Grandma Alligator has a 100-year-old birthday and all the animals throw her a party, but they don’t know what to get her for a present, so they go to The Zoopermarket to find something.

Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down, and Ringo Flamingo goes to The Zoopermarket to look for some upside down foods!



(The love of beards or bearded persons)


“Pogonophilia” is a very personal project, and based on a story from my own life. It is still at an early stage in terms of development, but it is a piece I am very passionate about and determined to eventually realise. It is about a boy’s development into a man; through puberty, marriage and having kids of his own, all whilst dealing with the loss of his father. The story’s narrative is driven by the metaphor of growing and shaving a beard. The film takes place entirely from the perspective of a bathroom mirror, which symbolises the nature of life and of ageing, not noticing the small changes we go through when we look at ourselves every day.


A young boy, far too young to be actually shaving, is being shown how to “pretend” shave by his majestically bearded father, a male rite of passage. It transpires though; from the many pills, he has to take, that the father is very ill and passes away. The devastated young boy; over the course of puberty grows a beard in tribute to his father. Time passes, and the boy gets a girlfriend, who becomes a wife, and they have a child of their own; all whilst growing his beard longer and longer.

The boy; now a man, has arrived at the same point in his life, as he and his father were “pretend” shaving. But the man decides to take a different path, and shave off his beard in a poignant effort to move on from his loss and not succumb to the same fate. However, his son becomes scared and doesn’t recognise the naked face of his father.

The man draws a fake beard on the bathroom mirror over his and his son's reflections, in an effort to calm the boy, which it does, but it also reminds him that it wasn’t the beard that helped him bond with his father, it was the time they spent together.


Length: 5 - 7 minutes

Demographic: Young Adult

Genre: Black Comedy / Drama

Treatment: Stopmotion

Format: HD

Status: In Development


I am hugely inspired by the work of Junior Fritz Jacquet and his paper and cardboard-based art. He gives something that is so fragile the look of stability and robustness, and I think that is the perfect metaphor for a relationship between a father and son (in my personal experience) and this aesthetic would perfectly compliment this particular project.




"Hello, Wayne" is a series of interactive graphic novels for children, inspired by the 'Goosebumps' books and 'Scooby Doo' cartoons I watched and read when I was younger. They are short tales of slightly spooky fiction I am developing about a town called Crowbar Harbour, which is cursed to be Halloween every day, forever. I was inspired by 'The Land of the Magic Flute' motion graphic novel and 'The Wolf Amongst Us' comic book game.


The family of a ten-year-old boy called Wayne, move to a new town on October 31st. However, the town of Crowbar Harbour is cursed to be All Hallows' Eve forever. Strange things start to happen and Wayne is forced to fend off monsters, witches, and ghosts until the curse is lifted. The name "Hello, Wayne." comes from the main antagonist in each story, who greets Wayne using this line. It also loosely sounds like the word 'Halloween', which is the books' main theme. Currently, I have three story ideas that I am in the process of writing; The Night Mayor, Slumber Jack, and Witch One.


Letter of Motivation

David Crisp

I have learned many things pursuing my animation degree, both about myself and the expectations of others in the animation industry. This knowledge increased exponentially when I started an animation studio called Monkey Tennis in 2014. Over the past three years I have been involved with many exciting projects and experiences within the world of animation; developing an animated series called “Alan’s Apartment” and presenting it at Cartoon Forum, being part of the 2016/17 Animation Sans Frontieres and being part of a cross-cultural animation journey with new friends and colleagues, writing and helping with the production on an animated film for Danish children’s charity, Børnefonden. As well as the demands of running a successful animation studio. The most prominent lesson I learned is that developing ideas, and writing for film & animation is what I find the most enjoyable. Solving problems within a story and finding a character’s motivation. Understanding what a script needs in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the end user. Creating and managing an audience's expectations. The art of storytelling fascinates me, and it is a path I am looking forward to pursuing further and to start developing my ideas into more focused projects, now I have moved on from Monkey Tennis.

During the three years I spent developing Monkey Tennis, after graduating from The Animation Workshop, the studio’s primary focus had become more about gaining commercial success with big brand companies such as Lego and Disney. However, this is not how we envisaged the company when we first started it. The initial goal was that the studio would act as a vehicle to realise our passions of character-driven storytelling and film & IP ideas. It was this focus on branding the studio with content that was not our own, that lead me to leave the studio in March of 2017. I had already decided I wanted to leave the studio back in 2016 during the ASF visit to Budapest. The module at MOME and the artistry and passion I felt from the school, the history behind the animation industry in that part of the world and the people that made up the student body, was so inspirational and it felt like such a natural progression for me to pursue the MA course at MOME, in terms of what I felt I needed creatively and eventually to further my career.

I have spent a lot of my free time developing a variety of ideas for different formats. I am a highly motivated, passionate, and driven individual with a track record of delivering high quality and creative results throughout a film and animation pipeline, as an individual and as part of a team. I believe in regular content creation as a way to consistently increase engagement; testing ideas and gaining the viewpoints and perspectives of the target audience, as well as the experts. I am a firm believer that one should never stop learning, and I am very much hoping to get the opportunity to take part in the MA Animation course at MOME; to collaborate with, and learn from colleagues & professionals alike.

Thank you for your time

Yours sincearly,

David C Crisp